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AXSE stands for AXIS XPERIENCE STEAM EXPLORATION. It is a local initiative by Axis Xperience to incorporate STEAM Education with student’s life in both school and during holidays.

With our vision – To become the most trusted STEAM Education Solution provider, we ensure to offer fun and exciting holiday programs for our students to pick their interest and enhance their development in STEAM knowledge and based skills.

Find out all the best holiday programs with us and let our students dive into great literature, continuously exploring, enhancing creativity and more.

Weekend STEAM Coding Course


Weekend Retrogaming Coding Course based on Microsoft compatible device and GUI tools for added STEAM related development. This is a supplementary coding course for students who are interested on how Retrogaming works.

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Suitable for school age
11 years old and above

Course period
1 Semester
(approx. 4-5 months depending on school holidays)
1.5 hours each of 12 sessions
(No Exam & Graduations Certificate of Participation Only)

Details *
Day: Pre-Scheduled Saturdays
(Calendar Table)
Time: 01:00 pm~02:30 pm
(1.5 hours)

*exclude holidays and long weekends

Course Fee
RM 1,200

Using Microsoft & Scratch UI interface, retrogaming is introduce
via various devices platform based on Microbit & Arcade Boards

School Holiday Program

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AXSE School Holiday Program by Axis Xperience is exclusively designed to give our students a chance to develop their experience with FlipRobot and STEAM learning.

Various themes available each school holidays. Learn Space & Exploration, Robot at Home, RoboSoccer, Globe Trotter, Retro-Gamind Coding Space Wars and many more!

Robotics learning consists of five pivotal areas: construct, control, interact, kinetic energy and artificial intelligence.

Robotics learning is rich with multidisciplinary principles and is a hands-on way of developing students’ critical STEAM-related skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, computational thinking, design thinking, collaboration, communication and most importantly curiosity and imagination.

Honing these skills is essential for students to prepare themselves for success in the future.


Fun learning​ and challenge​
Make a new friends​ with great experience​
Prizes and​ participation certificate​

STEAM Literacy Ability

  • Critical Thinking -Provide personal views on the discussions and questions in the course.
  • Creativity – Have creative ideas about robot assembly and programming.
  • Complex problem solving – Ability to analyse, judge and solve problems.
  • Communication – The communication between the group and the teacher can be effective and smooth.
  • Teamwork ability (Collaboration) – The cooperation of the group can quickly divide the work and discuss and achieve the purpose of the activity.

Register Your Child for Robotics Fun!

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Learning class, limited to 10 people per class!

How to Sign Up?


Click “ENROLL COURSE” button below​


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Check out our upcoming​ holidays programs!​

AXSE Holiday Programs Date Booking
AXSE FlipRobot Globe Trotter and Retro-Game Coding Space Wars
29 May – 01 Jun’23
AXSE Arts and Science​ - Kami Anak Malaysia Challenge
15 Jul – 15 Sep’23
Coming Soon
AXSE STEAM Experience Week​ (Science & Mathematics)
05 – 08 Jun’23
Coming Soon
AXSE STEAM Experience Week​ (Science & Mathematics)
12 – 15 Dec’23
Coming Soon
AXSE STEAM Experience Week​ (Technology & Engineering)
05 – 08 Sep’23
Coming Soon
AXSE STEAM Experience Week​ (Technology & Engineering)
12 – 15 Dec’23
Coming Soon
AXSE STEAM Experience Week​ (Arts & Technology)
05 – 08 Sep’23
Coming Soon
AXSE STEAM Experience Week​ (Arts & Technology)
12 – 15 Dec’23
Coming Soon
10 Dec’22
13 - 16 Dec’22
AXSE STEAM Experience Robotics Camp
20 Feb - 16 Mar '23