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Axis Xperience is honoured to bring a very exciting robotics learning course to our Malaysian students. CASE FlipRobot Academy – Real Robotics, Real STEAM, Real Fun. Dr. Flip will lead the students to explore through fun practical activities and cooperate with friends to break through the barriers, combined with all-around robot learning, to master the key STEAM literacy ability.

The curriculum emphasizes learning planning based on grades and ages, including organization, motivation, control, interaction, and intelligence. Students can even get the chance to participate in the One World Robotics Competition to enrich their robot learning journey. According to the learning outcomes of each course, to evaluate the performance of students’ STEAM ability.

At the end of each course, students will receive CASE international certification transcripts. We are honoured to cooperate with CASE and introduce CASE FlipRobot Academy to empower students with key competitiveness in the 21st century to achieve their future!

We also offer Retrogaming Coding course based on Microsoft compatible device and GUI tools for added STEAM related development via AXSE channel. This is a supplementary coding course for students who are interested on how Retrogaming works.

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Fun Hands-on Activities
Comprehensive Robotics Learning
Critical STEAM Skills
Seven Survival Skills
Transportable Skills for the 21st Century

Weekend Course

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Suitable for school age
9 years old and above

Course period
1 Semester
(approx. 4-5 months depending on school holidays)
2 hours each of 12 sessions
(include 1 exam day)

Details *
Day: Pre-Scheduled Saturdays
(Calendar Table)
Time: 10:00am~02:30pm
(2 hours)

*exclude holidays and long weekends

Course Fee
RM 1,500

How did Tesla’s autopilot come about?
Dr. Flip will take you to explore together on the Flipboat, and under the guidance of Dr. Flip,
make a self-driving robot to solve the long-term traffic problems in the business district together!

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