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CASE Space School International Study Programs provide students with the opportunity to get ahead, to learn and apply transportable skills in one of the world’s most profound and inspiring STEAM environments, NASA.

The all-new CASE Space School, featuring new program activities, is more immersive, more engaging and more inspiring than ever before! This life-changing experience inspires a new generation of STEAM-skilled leaders and is recommended to all students.

Axis Xperience is proud to partner with your school to bring this opportunity to its students.

The Future

In the next 30 years, 75% of the fastest growing professions will require STEAM-related skills. 50% of professions today will disappear, 50% of professions in the next 30 years don’t even currently exist. Young students of today will experience dozens of career changes, and dozens of jobs in each career.

To successfully navigate through this fast-changing environment, students need to master critical STEAM-related skill sets, along with interpersonal skills – the seven survival skills. Whereby, students will not only become capable and competitive job seekers, they will become the most innovative job creators.

CASE Space School Program​

CASE Space School offers two distinctly unique programs, CASE Junior Space School and CASE Senior Space School.​

The CASE Senior Space School is structured to grow leadership, entrepreneurialism, creativity, high-level management, and critical thinking skills; enabling students with the tools to excel in their future studies and careers.​

The CASE Junior Space School, for students in years 7, 8 and 9 develops curiosity and interest within the STEAM fields. Training for young explorers in an immersive environment, empowering students to pursue their future studies with passion. ​

CASE Junior Space School

Open to Students: Years 7, 8 & 9 in 2024
Dates: 8 – 21 December 2024
Duration: 14 Days
Location: Houston, TX, and Huntsville, AL, USA

Training for Young Explorers

In an engaging hands-on adventure, students will be excited, empowered and challenged every day, learning resilience and the importance of teamwork. With every new practical experience, their confidence, enthusiasm and independence will grow! This once-in-a-lifetime immersive STEAM experience will motivate students to dream big and commit to it.

CASE Senior Space School

Open to Students: Years 10, 11, & 12 in 2024
Dates: 7 – 20 December 2024
Duration: 14 Days
Location: Houston, TX, San Francisco and Silicon Valley, CA, USA

Entrepreneurship for Young Leaders

Students’ innovative futures are inspired by NASA mentors, world-leaders of entrepreneurship, and innovative space and tech gurus. With thrilling space missions, an exciting innovation incubator and personal skills development, this is an unparalleled opportunity to be excited for the future, inspired to set goals and develop the skills to make them a reality.

International Academic Credentials

CASE Space School Programs are academically accredited and approved in the USA as recognised Honors Level College Preparatory courses. University of California (UC) approval demonstrates these courses are of high academic standard to prepare students for university-level studies. It ensures that CASE Space School graduates are identified by leading universities as high achieving, university-ready students.

In the competitive landscape of university applications both domestically and internationally, students who complete CASE Space School Programs will differentiate themselves from other applicants.

All graduates of CASE Space School are eligible to receive a 5.0GPA academic transcript upon completion of the program. The registration fee covers ongoing access to the transcript through a secure portal giving students a distinct advantage when applying to universities and jobs.


About CASE​

California Association for STEAM Education​

​The California Association for STEAM Education is a non-profit organization. Headquartered in Cupertino, California. CASE was established by educators, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs to advocate excellence in STEAM education through the development and implementation of innovative in-classroom curricular and extra-curricular education programs. ​

AXIS EXPERIENCE is a proud partner of Actura, the exclusive global partner of CASE to co-develop and market the CASE Space School International Study Programs.​

Our Mission:
Empower youth to master the critical STEAM-related skill sets for their future success

We are proud to be the exclusive partner with Actura in providing the leading STEAM learning solution spanning from in-class, out-of-class and at-home environments.​

Established in Australia in 2014, Actura provides a world-class learning environment of STEAM experiential programs that cohesively synergise in-and-out of class solutions including Space School international study programs and curriculum-based FlipRobot robotics program.

Our FlipRobot range provides the ultimate robotics STEAM learning solution for the in-class environment. For the out-of-class solution, the CASE International Study Programs aim to deliver once in a lifetime, best STEAM experience in the most inspiring learning environment. To ignite young minds’ interest in STEAM, CASE Space Academy offers Real STEAM, Real Space, Real Fun activities all guided online by certified course leaders.​

Parent Testimonials

“I appreciated how thorough the organisation of the expedition was and the excellent communication with parents throughout the whole experience.” N. Brookes - International Grammar School “We can’t thank the whole team of Actura enough for the way you treated our daughter like she was your own. Your professionalism with timely communications, all logistics and ensuring our daughter’s experience was nothing short of amazing was beyond anything we or she could have ever imagined.

J. Kennaugh Tara Anglican School for Girls

“My daughter had a wonderful time last December. It was certainly worth the money we spent. So much more than we expected. She found the group leaders and event instructors caring and helpful. Whole program very exciting and fun. She could not stop talking about it for weeks afterwards. It was nice to see their daily progress on photos and videos via Actura as well. Highly recommend it!”

T. Wickramasinghe Loreto Kirribilli

“Everything was well organised and communicated. Flynn had a ball and had his eyes opened to very many new experiences. He benefited greatly from the immersing experience and made new friendships.”

J. Tayles Knox Grammar School

“My daughter came home with many stories to tell and is still telling them. This trip exceeded my expectations as I was slightly concerned how she would cope being so far away from home and for such a long time, but she loved every minute of it and it has definitely shaped her motivation for what she would like to do in the future with her studies! Other than the obvious learning aspect she has also learnt resilience and independence, made new friends (whom she is continuing to keep in touch with) and a sense of confidence that she did not have prior to the trip.”

P. Nicholls Presbyterian Ladies' College

“Venice rated the experience 10/10 and her description of the different activities she was involved in sounded very rewarding for someone of her age both from a STEM perspective but also having the confidence to participate in such a program at a relatively young age”

D. Gemmola International Grammar School

“Thank you to Amy for fielding all our queries and request. Thanks to the two AMAZING group leaders who took the boys on every step of their journey. I would certainly recommend you (and have already) to anyone seeking to send their child on a quest for new learning experiences and one which promotes independence of thought. Well done to all concerned and thank-you!”

C. Wardle St Michaels

“I appreciated how thorough the organisation of the expedition was and the excellent communication with parents throughout the whole experience.”

N. Brookes International Grammar School

    Student Testimonials

    “I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and skills in teamwork, persistence, resilience, and working under time pressure. The experience has been challenging, however I have often been surprised at how much me and my team have been able to achieve”

    Bridget Ivanhoe Girls Grammer

    “I loved the physical experience this tour offered – of showing me where STEAM can take me; but I equally loved being surrounded by girls who thought like me and had similar mindsets and visions.”

    Jessica St Margaret's School

    “This experience has been life changing for me. It helped me to realise my goals and guided me by giving me the knowledge and support to allow me to take those steps so I can achieve my goals… It gave me an incredible learning experience to learn outside the classroom and develop practical skills, Not only did I feel very welcomed and an accepted part of both my groups but I also made new friends who i will continue to stay in touch with when the trip ends.”

    H. Nicholas Stella Maris College

    “From the beginning to the end, there were fun activities, amazing people and supportive elders. All of the experiences made you realize how lucky we are to be on this trip. Some of these opportunities are once in a life time and you must take these opportunities with both hands and try your hardest. I have learned never to give up on your dreams and must work hard no matter what others say. Anything is possible no matter how hard your dream may be. We may think we have it all but then there is always more to learn.”

    M. Olesen Knox Grammar School

      Cooperative Program Partners

      Cooperative Program Partners

      For more information please contact
      Shavein Kumar
      CASE Space Ambassador